Interesting Art 6

downloadI chose this piece in spite of the fact that in class we are starting animation in Photoshop, and wanted to show the type of frames  we’d be working with.  This also reminds me of Pinky & The Brain, the old TV show, and Tom & Jerry.  The sketching is very good.


Interesting Art 5

dosomethingartThis piece interests me because the fist alone, stands for freedom, and rebellion in war, and times like that.  With a paint brush in hand, it speaks to me saying, “Artist Rebellion.”  I get the feeling that like the Renaissance , art will flourish again.

Interesting Art 4

Amazing-Art-4I like this piece because it reminds me of that saying, “light in the dark.”  It looks as if the water (symbol of life) is cleansing the sky, or breaking the darkness.  It also reminds me of the movie The Truman Show, where he is in a dome that looks like the sky, but finds out his whole world is fake.

Interesting Art: Three

sk5ssgonu5t9coyfiy9aI really like this piece because I am really into the anime, Dragon Ball Z.  It reminds me of the show, and after looking up this picture, I found out that this picture is from an art show, presenting this piece in honor of the Dragon  Ball 30th Anniversary.  I’d like to do something in this style one day!

Interesting Art: Two

img-thingThis sketch, looks just like a mysterious man that was drawn quickly.  Though, when you really look up close, I can see all the detail, patience, and time that was put into this piece.  I respect the artist, and hope to one day be at the level where my sketches can come out as good as this picture has.

Interesting Art: Week One

digital-art-17This picture is interesting to me, because of what I receive out of it.  I feel that the hands, sort of symbolize culture, and heritage.  While, the map, symbolizes diversity in a person, or maybe in an area.  The concept of this piece, pushes me to think that we are all connected, because of the world.